Head vs Heart (What it REALLY means)

Over the weekend I started to question the whole ‘head vs heart’ battle.

You know, the one where you need to make a BIG decision in your life, and then your nearest and dearest hand you the advice you know you have to work through.

“Follow your heart”

What does that really mean?

People say to “follow your gut“, “follow what your body is telling you” etc.

In the heat of the moment and under so much pressure, it’s not the easiest decision to make, so let’s break this down.

Let’s start with if you followed your head, which in itself, the expression sounds rather particular.

Following your head means you locate memories and habits, previously experienced or learnt. This is exactly what makes decisions so difficult.

To break a habit isn’t an overnight thing, it’s a real struggle, which affects your emotions and subsequently the ‘following your heart’ advice.

It is the reason why this decision becomes so damn difficult.

You follow your heart and your heart is telling you, “Oh, don’t change because that will make us feel uncomfortable, your head is telling me”.

So, what are you really following? Certainly not your heart, it’s the head that dictates, it’s the easy decision to take.

Let’s look at solely following the heart.

The ‘heart’, is said to be how you feel, it’s your gut reaction.

It’s that true feeling you get when making a crucial decision – but you MUST take your thoughts out of the equation.

When you think, you start planning the consequences and then suddenly, your head is in control – because it’s easy to go back to your old-self.

So, when making a decision whether to quit your job for instance, think about how that job makes you feel…

  • does it make you feel sad
  • does it cause frustration?
  • is the atmosphere and your colleagues, boss etc toxic?

Getting rid of these things FAR outweigh the positives of having a job.

A body without a mind is just simply paralysed.

So, why pay attention to what you feed your body, when your mind doesn’t even have the capacity to control it properly?


This advice isn’t spiritual voodoo, it’s scientific and proven.

You are better rebuilding a path to greatness with your mind free of worry, than escaping from a life of worry without a path to find your way.