Creative Portfolio.

Jason has been involved in the creation of brands and various projects since 2011, working in various roles including a creative consultant, engineer, producer, director and writer.

These are a collection of creative projects, mainly in-person events, Jason has worked on throughout the years, however, they certainly do not tell the whole story of the many other projects and brand work Jason has been part of. You will also find a link below to the videos Jason has produced.

Jason was responsible for the creation and brand development of CoverStar Experiences, leading to a fully functional company. Prior to Jason selling the company back in 2017, CoverStar became an award-winning company for customer service. CoverStar Experiences to this day provides a range of recording experiences and on-site entertainment for hen/stag parties, corporate events – including remote experiences.

CoverStar Experiences

2012 - 2017


2014 - Present

HappyMe is an original collection of ‘bitesize’ stories with accompanying audio designed to promote positive messages to young children. Written in a combination of prose and poetry, the stories incorporate intriguing characters with engaging voices and interactive songs. Children can listen to the audio alone, follow along with the beautifully illustrated book, and learn to read the book aloud on their own.

With A Twist was a weekly showcase with a loyalty system to reward both attendees and local unsigned artists. For the latter they could gain rewards such as free and discounted recording studio time, Also, enthusiastic and loyal audience members were rewarded with drinks offers. This was setup to support artists hosted in a local craft bar in Liverpool around the corner from Jason’s ex-recording studio, which created a tightnit community of regular people.

With A Twist Acoustic Night


For The Fans Live Sessions

2015 - 2016

Shortened to FTF, these live sessions were ‘stripped down’ live sets for the fans of artists. A space was provided FREE of charge and was a great way for the artist to raise funds via ticket sales, which were sold in advance and allocated to the artist and support act only. This project consisted of promoting the gig and selling the tickets. During this time, Jason also collaborted with worldwide organisation, Sofar Sounds to host intimate acoustic performances.

MyFriendsRoom is the new friendly way to travel. Rent travel accommodation from your friends network. Rent your place or spare room to your trusted friends and contacts. Connect with friends abroad and rekindle old friendships.

MyFriends Room


Awareness Short Film


We create our future through our present actions. This film emphasises the importance of mindfullness within humans; in order for us to remain conscious beings, we must be positive in our actions.

After falling in love with the Invisible Exhibition in Warsaw, this was one of Jason’s first immersive experience creations.

Paranormal Activity was created from an idea to bring interative theatre and escape room style activities to life as a Halloween special for English learners. It took place in a space completely transformed by Jason and his team at The Native Way.

Paranormal English Activity


Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday was a completely original story created by Jason to stimulate a ‘shock response’ from audiences by incorporating an in-person psychological and theatrical experience in the dark using 3D audio, but with a twist.

Again, created for English learners at immersive language space, the Native Way. This was a historical 3D audio recital with external sensory stimulation and an educational blind tasting to celebrate and educate students on the British tradition of pancake day.

The event included smell and movement around the particpants while there were blinded to simulate a higher imaginative state.

Pancake Day


International Men's Day


Purely out of a passion for wellbeing and spreading awareness of men’s health, Jason created an immersive inner dialogue using 3D sound, which was shared on an entrepreneurial Facebook group. It wasn’t advertised, but Jason would like to pursue this idea further in the coming years.

Inspired by a recurring childhood nightmare, You Can’t See Me is an experiential and interactive micro-immersive experience that invites you into a fictional dream realm, simulating the very scene that preyed on my own fear of isolation, inhibition, vulnerability, and the unknown.

Created just for the Uprise Summit, participants were led down a dark path into a cabin in the middle of the Portuguese nature.

It used 3D sound and dynamic soundscapes at its core to offer my own artistic representation of my dream.

You Can't See Me


Hidden Spirits


This experience was both performed as a one-off live activity for Halloween and offered as a 50-minute online experience over various dates. It combined online puzzles with a live audio immersive experience where participants questioned what was real and not.